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My Story 我的故事

"I was trying to survive on the street as just a young puppy and not doing very well. I got sick with mange and soon lost all my fur. Thankfully, a kind lady rescued me and asked The PACK Sanctuary if I could live here, as the healthy food and natural environment would do wonders for my immune system. They said yes, and I soon became a favourite here. My fur began to grow back, and I started to look beautiful again. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, I wasn't spayed at six months; I became pregnant, and one year after moving into The PACK Sanctuary, I gave birth to my three baby boys, who still live with me now. I would love to be your fun, faithful, and affectionate companion—and maybe you could adopt one of my boys too!  我小的時候很努力地在街頭生存著,但我的健康狀況不是很好,皮膚病讓我的毛都掉光了。還好一個善良的女士拯救了我,帶我到巴克接受療養。在巴克有很棒的天然環境還有非常營養的食物,這些都大大的幫助了我的免疫系統,而且我一來到這就獲得了很多關愛,我的毛慢慢長回來了,終於我恢復了應有的美麗模樣。  但我不小心在巴克懷孕了,生下來三隻小寶寶,他們是充滿活力的小男生。我想要當你快樂、忠誠且親人的伴侶,你要不要順便考慮認養我其中一個孩子呢?"

Biscuit is a very sweet girl who loves attention but isn't too demanding. She lives in her kennel with her 3 boys, BingGan, Briosca and Galeta. She is very good on leash and likes to go on walks. 碧絲琪是個很甜美的女孩,她喜歡被關愛,但不會太煩人。她生了三個兒子:餅乾、波斯卡跟葛雷塔。她喜歡牽繩散步

  • Energy Level 活潑程度:
  • Breed 品種: Shiba Inu 柴犬/Canaan Dog 迦南犬
  • Age 年齡:
  • Size 體型:
  • Weight 體重(公斤): 17.0 kg
  • Health Problems 健康問題:
  • Special Needs 特殊需求:

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