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My Story 我的故事

"A nice lady took me to the vet one day when she noticed that I looked skinny, weak, and confused. The vet checked me over but found nothing wrong, so the lady put me back on the street, as she had no room at home for me. But she microchipped me first, to keep me safe if the dogcatcher got me—and he soon did! I was taken to the pound, where they found the chip. I was very lucky, and it was obviously time for me to come in off the street. That's where The PACK Sanctuary stepped in; they gave me a nice home here in the fresh mountain air and made sure I'm always happy and healthy. All I really want now is a family to call my own. Is it you? 有個好心的女士發現我瘦巴巴的、沒什麼精力,而且看起來非常困惑,於是就帶我去給醫生檢查,但是因為沒有發現什麼問題,她又沒地方可以收容我,所以我又被放回街頭了。為了防止我被抓走,她幫我打了晶片。不久後我還真的被抓走了,幸運的是收容所發現了我的晶片,由於我真的不適合繼續在街頭流浪,巴克就伸出援手,把我帶到這個美麗的山上,我在這裡總是開心有活力,所以現在我所欠缺的,就是一個屬於我的家,那個家會是你嗎?"

Kato is a delight to have around. He is currently at foster family. And he is doing great! He is an affectionate, gentle dog, who gets along well with other dogs and with people of all age. He is fit, enjoys walking and running, playing with toys and being around people. He loves to play in the garden with his best friends. He is good on leash and loves to go out for walks. 凱頭目前正在中途家庭適應城市生活。中途媽媽認證是天菜一枚。他是個喜歡認識新朋友的友善狗狗,他喜歡跟朋友們一起在花園玩,他喜歡上牽繩出去散步。

  • Energy Level 活潑程度:
  • Breed 品種: Labrador Retriever 拉布拉多犬/Tugou 土狗
  • Age 年齡:
  • Size 體型:
  • Weight 體重(公斤): 19.0 kg
  • Health Problems 健康問題: None
  • Special Needs 特殊需求:

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