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My Story 我的故事

"When I was just a sweet little puppy, I was rescued from an abusive and neglectful situation. I was very happy to get out of there! My rescuers had no room to take care of me properly, and they asked The PACK Sanctuary to take me so I could have lots of room to run around with friends in the fresh air. I've grown up here, and I am a favourite with the staff and dogs. Want to know why? Come see me—and let's play! 我以前的飼主不懂得怎麼照顧我,我還很小卻受虐,所以當我被救出來的時候真是太高興了。救我的人沒地方養我,所以就拜託巴克照顧我,我現在有好大的地方可以跟我的朋友一起玩,而且這裡空氣真棒!我在這裡長大,而且我是大家的最愛喔!你想知道為什麼嗎?那就來找我玩吧!"

Hei Niu is a very lovely girl who really enjoys making friends. Everybody is her playmate, and she's a favourite with all the other dogs in her group, who just love to play with her in the garden. Hei Niu is good on leash and loves going out for long walks. She is best friends with Budgie and Jude. 黑妞是個非常可愛的女孩,她愛交朋友,大家都是她的玩伴,她也是大家的最愛,總是跟大家一起在花園玩。她知道套上牽繩要好好走路

  • Energy Level 活潑程度:
  • Breed 品種: Jindo 珍島犬/Australian Kelpie 澳洲卡爾比牧羊犬
  • Age 年齡:
  • Size 體型:
  • Weight 體重(公斤): 20.0 kg
  • Health Problems 健康問題:
  • Special Needs 特殊需求:

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