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My Story 我的故事

"I was rescued from a life on the street by a very kind lady who took me home to live with her other rescued dogs. Unfortunately, her neighbours weren't so compassionate, and the kind lady got lots of complaints about my noisy pack mates. So she has been paying for me to stay at The PACK Sanctuary, where I'm very happy. But what I would love more than anything is to make your life happy too—by being your dog! 我本來住在街上,但有個好心人救了我,讓我跟其他被救援的狗狗住在一起。很可惜這個好心女士的鄰居對狗狗比較沒有同理心,我們的叫聲常常害她被檢舉,所以只好花錢請巴克庇護所照顧我。我在這很開心,但我最想要的還是進入你的生命裡,討你開心。"

Badger is a very sweet and happy boy who loves lots of attention. His favourite game is to play with a tennis ball and his other dog friends. He is good on the leash and loves to go for lots of walks. 巴吉是個討人喜歡的小傢伙,他喜歡大家的關注、喜歡玩球、喜歡跟他的朋友們玩。他也喜歡牽繩出去散步

  • Energy Level 活潑程度:
  • Breed 品種: Short-Haired Border Collie 短发边境牧羊犬/Tugou 土狗
  • Age 年齡:
  • Size 體型:
  • Weight 體重(公斤): 16.4 kg
  • Health Problems 健康問題: Genetic sensitivity to Ivermectin- DO NOT GIVE IVERMECTIN His legs shakes constantly- unknown cause.
  • Special Needs 特殊需求:

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