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My Story 我的故事

"Late one dark night, somebody saw a friendly young dog get hit by a car and left at the side of the road unable to walk. The PACK Sanctuary was far away, but a lovely volunteer offered to come rescue me and take me to an emergency vet. It looked like I would never walk properly again, as one of my legs was so badly hurt. But thanks to all the great care I received at the vet and a very healthy diet and environment, I soon made great progress. Today, to see me running around,in one of the gardens, you would never guess that things once looked so bad for me. If you're wondering which dog will make you smile the most, just say Cheese!某天深夜,有人目睹一隻友善狗狗被車撞了,倒在路旁不能行動。巴克動物懷善救援協會無法即時救援,幸好有一位好心人主動來救我,帶我去動物醫院急診!我的一隻腿傷勢嚴重,看似不能恢復正常行走了。所幸,在醫院我受到細心照顧,有健康飲食和良好環境療傷,很快地,我的復原狀況大幅改善! 如今你看我到處跑跑跳跳,絕對無法想像我之前的狀況有多糟吧! 如果你正在尋覓會讓你開懷大笑的狗狗,大喊「起士」就對了!"

Cheese is a lovely, affectionate boy who loves making friends. He enjoys playing with people or his dog friends. He is good on leash, and a happy time for Cheese is going for a nice walk—and then snuggling up to you afterwards.  Cheese是我們從汐止救回來的小男生,他因為車禍一度後肢無法行走,所幸動物旺盛的生命力漸漸戰勝了傷痛,現在他是庇護所最黏人的小活寶。  如果要說有哪隻狗對人類的愛是無差別無條件來者不拒,那就是Cheese了,打從小編一年多前踏入庇護所第一天就感受到他溫暖的歡迎,不管是在廚房準備伙食、在廁所打掃…打開門Cheese一定坐在門外,對人類的愛就有如麥芽糖一樣黏。  除了對人類熱情,在庇護所待了兩年的Cheese儼然化身暖心的大哥哥,對於害羞的小女孩(狗兒)特別有辦法喔~ 許多初來庇護所緊張怕生的女孩,都在Cheese的友善攻勢下,漸漸卸下心防,開始會與Cheese玩耍了,真是讓人驚喜的發展。  如果你也想要擁有無條件的愛,或是想替家中的小女孩找個伴,Cheese會是你的理想狗狗。

  • Energy Level 活潑程度:
  • Breed 品種: Labrador Retriever 拉布拉多犬/Poodle 貴賓犬
  • Age 年齡:
  • Size 體型:
  • Weight 體重(公斤): 17.8 kg
  • Health Problems 健康問題:
  • Special Needs 特殊需求:

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