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My Story 我的故事

"Life wasn't easy for me as a stray dog living on the mountain. I had trouble finding food, I contracted heartworm from a mosquito bite, and I stepped into an illegal wire snare, which is how I lost my back leg. As if that wasn't bad enough, I was then caught by the dogcatcher and taken to the local pound. Luckily for me, the people who work there are really nice, and they asked The PACK Sanctuary of they had room for another amputee. I thought they would say no, because I used to bite people too, but they knew I was just scared, and they came and took me right away. I'm healthy now, much more friendly (unless you're a vet!), and happy. My luck has changed for the better, and I couldn't be happier—unless you chose me to complete your family; that would be the icing on my cake! 住在山上的生活不是很容易,我常常找不到食物,還被蚊子傳染了心絲蟲,最後我不小心踩進了非法的陷阱,因此失去了我的一隻腳。但我很幸運地遇到在附近工作的人,他們幫我問問巴克願不願意收留一隻斷了腳的狗狗,由於我以前會咬人,所以我以為他們會拒絕我,但他們知道我只是害怕而已,所以立刻就來把我帶走囉~ 我現在很健康,而且也友善多了(除非你是獸醫!),而且我也很開心。我的命運就此改變了,這是我這輩子最開心的時光了,但如果你願意選擇我加入你的家庭,我一定會樂得合不攏嘴 :D"

San San is a very sweet dog, but she still needs to be muzzled at the vet. She can be shy at first but loves attention if you are patient enough to let her get to know you. She likes to explore and be by herself a lot but also likes to play with her friend Frankie. SanSan only has three legs, but she gets around fine. 三三是隻甜美的狗狗,但她去看醫生時會需要帶嘴套。她剛認識人的時候會有點害羞,但如果你願意花點時間讓她認識你,她也是渴望關愛的。她通常喜歡一個人晃晃,但也會跟她的好朋友玩,她雖然只有三隻腳,但依舊行動自如

  • Energy Level 活潑程度:
  • Breed 品種: Unique 獨特
  • Age 年齡:
  • Size 體型:
  • Weight 體重(公斤): 19.4 kg
  • Health Problems 健康問題: Rear-leg amputee; neutered but still sometimes comes into heat 心絲蟲,已治癒。 後退截肢。已結紮,但有時還是會發情。
  • Special Needs 特殊需求:

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